" They support me in all aspects of my business and they follow my business closely.


As accountant and tax consultant, we take care of the daily and periodical follow-up of your company and fulfil all legal obligations such as preparing and auditing of your periodic tax forms and year end accounts–


We assist you in fiscal optimization and disputes:


  • Rulings
  • Questions related to Belgian and European
  • How do I make the decision in the sole-trader enterprise/company choice?
  • Estate and succession planning
  • International taxes, functional analysis of the transfer pricing
  • Fiscal issues for holdings
  • Management Issues
  • Transactions and the financial relations between a company and its manager: paying a wage, loans, transfers of money or assets, rent of an immovable asset, using of a vehicle, participation of the manager in the capital of the enterprise, severance pay…
  • Proactive advice for fiscal optimization  


It is important that you understand well the numbers of your enterprise. From our expertise, we are going to translate them for you into to your practice and future possibilities.
In addition, you have permanent online access to your results and documents.